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Merry Christmas yall,

mine was just ruined; hope yours was grand.

love playin’ dat hooky

yeaaah so excited for electric laser circus in a few hours; with NERD RAGE.! <3

ima get kandi hopefully




all i’m seeing on my dash right now is stuff about Satanism, naked girls, and then cartoons.


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plot twist

She’s been married for a sixth time since June, thanks for hiding stuff mom.

I love over hearing conversations.

Mom, get married (for a sixth time) & see what happens; let’s see how number six will be.

Times change, feelings change, and it’s time for a new beginning.

Everyone is just so depressed, and i’m kinda sitting here wishing we were all¬†Labradors or something, they’re always happy and never have problems.¬†

my soundtrack all night, sigh

I’d much rather be in Orlando at EDC right now, cause this sucks.

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Avril Lavigne all day.

every time a movie quotes a day and then that day happens to be today do we have to put it all over social media?

omg im getting PERKINS. <3333